Travel Plans 2016

2016 is already one month old and I haven’t made any real travel and photography plans yet. Well, I have, but I haven’t written or talked about them. It’s about time to do so!

Photography Plans:

  • continue getting good grades in the photodesign course
  • take several photography classes
  • take many photographs all over the place
  • work on my photo project: The Odenwald

And here we are: Yes, I decided to work on a little (or not so little) photo project. I want to take photographs of different places in the Odenwald area in Germany. I grew up there and it’s a beautiful area that deserves to be photographed and shown to the world.

I want to do so and take many – hopefully good – photos to design a calendar and maybe some other things with. This will be my number one photography project this year and I will try and invest as much time and effort as possible! I’m rather excited and can’t wait to start!



Side note: My MacBook broke at the beginning of this year so I had to order a new one which will probably arrive by the end of February/beginning of March. As soon as I get it I will set it up and get it going. Until then I will be unable to edit and upload new photographs, so please be a little patient. I will show off new work as soon as possible!


Travelling plans:


  • Germany: Cologne, city trip for a weekend, March  2016
  • Germany: Wackelwald / Lake Federsee, 2-3 day trip to go hiking, possibly Easter 2016
  • Scotland: Shetland Islands and Isle of Skye, October 2016

I still have annual leave left so I might be adding some more travelling throughout the year.


Equestrian plans:

  • start riding Murphy
  • work on long reining with Remy
  • trick training with both horses (e.g. Spanish Walk)
  • take several classes about horse care and training: So far I have signed up for 3 classes (First Aid, Lunging with a bitless bridle, Anatomy) and I am sure I will add some more!
  • take some riding lessons and learn how to jump and/or ride a gaited horse (this one is optional as it depends on finding as good riding school nearby. I will have a look though and maybe I’ll have a chance to take a few lessons and improve my riding skills)


I am sure I will add more plans and goals throughout the year but these are the ones that I really want to focus on!

I hope 2016 will be a succesful and exciting year! 🙂



About Sam

Travel-Junkie. Horse-Lover. Amateur-Photographer. Vegetarian. Wannabe-Sailor. Music-Addict. Bookworm. LGBTQ Advocate. Mental Health Advocate.

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