A little update

Hello friends,

first of all: I am very sorry for the lack of updates and photographs on here but I still don’t have a new computer. My MacBook broke back in January and I have ordered a new one but so far the store has failed to deliver it. I hope I can resolve this issue soon because I am dying to update you properly and also post some new photographs.

For now, the following small update will have to do.

Photography & Travelling plans:

I went to Cologne in March and took some photos there. I think I got some good shots so hopefully I will be able to process and upload them soon.

I also haven’t booked my holiday to the UK yet due to the lack of a proper computer. I still plan on going to the Shetland Islands, but if that doesn’t work out I might go and hike a part of the South West Coast Path in England. I am definitely excited for this trip!

I plan on doing some equine photography throughout the year so if you have a (lease) horse and would enjoy meeting up for a free photoshooting, just send me an email! Of course you’ll get the images to post on your Instagram, etc.

Equestrian Plans:

I started preparing Murphy for riding. I have been lying on his back several times now and he seems to be more comfortable with it each time. The trick training is also going very well. Murphy is indeed a quick learner. With Remy I have been doing some stretching and lots of groundwork to keep him healthy.

I also started taking riding lessons in February. I am mostly riding a young Quarter Horse gelding called Rudi and I am learning a lot.

I plan on attending several more seminars and trainings during the year, so stay tuned! 🙂

Until next time!



About Sam

Travel-Junkie. Horse-Lover. Amateur-Photographer. Vegetarian. Wannabe-Sailor. Music-Addict. Bookworm. LGBTQ Advocate. Mental Health Advocate.

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