Remy Martin

Remy Martin

Hessian Warmblood, born on May 10, 1992

Remy came to me in February 1999. His oprevious owners claimed he was a “beginner’s horse”. What can I say? He wasn’t! He was very scared, dangerous and impossible to ride. I was only 13 with 3 years of riding experience and life with Remy wasn’t ecactly as I had imagined. I found out that he had health issues (mainly back and neck pain) due to bad training, harsh riders and ill fitting saddles. Thankfully I refused to give up on him and we ended up growing and learning together.

I spent our first two years building trust and respect by doing lots of groundwork. I also spend many hours just sitting with him in the field or going for long walks to build a relationship with Remy. He slowly started to trust me and became calmer.

After a while I started riding him again, bitless at first and with a bit several years later.  Remy turned into a great, trusting horse and he is a really fun guy. He can still be challenging at times but it would be boring if he wasn’t!

Sadly he was diagnosed with Equine Cushing Syndrome and has to take medicine for it, but with the tablets he is doing great!

Remy is retired now and since he still has some back issues we mostly go for walks and do some light groundwork. Currently we started working on double lunging and long reining.

Cillbarra Murphy

Murphy 2015

Irish Cob, born on May 12, 2009

Murphy became my partner in March 2015.

I bought him as a raw horse, so so far he hasn’t been ridden yet and I am doing lots of groundwork with him. He has developed a lot since he moved in with me and is really eager to learn new things. We currently work on bending and developing his balance and we are also doing some trick training. Murphy enjoys going for walks and seeing new things. My plan for 2016 is to introduce him to the rider and start long reining him.


My Life As An Equestrian: 1996 – 2015

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